Our Success Stories


About Dr.: Great Handling and humble treatment.
About Staff Nurses: Patient Services.
About Hospital: Good Equipment.
Suggestions/Comments: We will refer more about your service.


About Doctor : Dr.Mythily really handled my wife very sensitively and she knows how to handle my wife very well, encouraged very well, and she advises us in a right manner. Simply she is amazing!!!. They took care my wife and my child very well
About Staff Nurses: They visited regularly and advised us very well.
About Hospital: Clean, Quiet, attractive infrastructure.
Suggestions/Comments: Nothing and all the best for the bright future in ongoing.


About Dr: very nice experience with Dr Mythily when i come here first time to was works but the first day when she approach to was satisfied with her treatment . the was she asked about all the details and made entry was perfect --i felt very happy about her treatment --stole or precend &care about patient . thank you Dr.
About staff nurses: very cooperative .
About hospital : very nice.


About Doctor: Dr.Mythily has been very soft, supportive and been very calm in answering all my questions. She has attended midnight calls to support during difficulties , me and my husband have always felt comfortable in asking any queries we had as it is our 1st pregnancy experience. She made it very memorable experience. She is one of the best doctors I had ever met. Great Job Mam. Thanks a ton for everything we came across here.
About staff Nurses: Very supportive Nurses.
About Hospital: Nice, Neat and pleasant environment.
Suggestions/ Comments: Keep up your Good Work!!! I will definitely refer Dr.Mythily And Aashara Hospital to my friends and relatives.


We were referred to the hospital thru one of our family friend,as told-found the services of the hospital upto the mark--an updated maternity service provider,took utmost care of myself and my baby. DR.Mythily is experienced in nature, whereas Dr.Balaji is energy booster in labour room!! THANKS FOR BEING WITH US. COMPLETE COOPERATION AND VERY GOOD CARE WAS PROVIDED BY STAFF NURSES SPECIFICALLY SHASHIKALA SISTER. HOSPITAL-NEAT AND CLEAN ENVIRONMENT WITH FREEDOM FOR VISITORS AS EVERYBODY WISHES TO MEET THE NEWBORN. CANTEEN COULD BE ADDED ATTRACTION ,NO SPECIFIC SUGGESTIONS OTHERWISE.


About Dr :come to our help of getting out of the baby .no words to explain that timely help . kudos to the doctor (Dr Mythily& Dr Balaji )
About staff nurses : at our service on time and eveytime on need, totally helpful for feeding ,changing, getting off the bed ect., highly impressed by their selfless service .
About hospital : great ambience ,superbly hygiene ,fantastic interiors ,and totally altogether a wonderful experience of 4days with our new born baby .
Suggestion /comments: no idea because everything feel like state of the art look and feel.


About Dr.MYTHILY : excellent doctor she is clearly explaining the condition of the patient, very kind and responsible.
About staff nurses : they are taking care very nicely, they all do their responsibilities very good and kind .
About hospital : hospital is very good ,very neat and silent place.

N.Thirupura Sundari
N.Thirupura Sundari

About Dr: Patiently hears all our concerns. Thanks for assuring and taking care of both mom and kid very well.
About Staff Nurses: Very friendly and always eager to help.
About Hospital: Neat and Tidy.


About Dr :Very kind,patient and knowledgeable. She has saved our baby’s life when we got admitted due to bleeding during 11 weeks time now our baby has been delivered full term. On time and helpful
About Staff Nurses : Active, Kind and Helpful.
About Hospital : Good Hospital for severity cases to look for
Suggestions/Comments: Over all it’s good hospital which have saved our baby’s life.

Baby of Dr.Arpit Choudhary
Baby of Dr.Arpit Choudhary

About Dr : Dr. Mythily is a very caring and helpful doctor. Even after long wait in our case, she insisted to go for normal delivery and gave her best. We were blessed with baby boy and, would appreciate her efforts. The add-on advantage is her availability over here 24X7 which makes it a step ahead in compassion to others.
About Staff Nurses : All were fine
About Hospital : Good


About Doctor : Hi, I lakshmi, what i say about Dr.Mythily mam, she is very outspoken, lovable person. The way of taking care patients is very good. When I came here i am not conceived so. I met madam,After I saw Mythily mam I Got a confidence, within 2 months itself I am conceived. She treats me very nice and so carefully. I like her duty conscious. All and everything she is good doctor when compard to others.
About Staff Nurse: In this hospital Nurses also take care like family members.
About Hospital: Hospital is nice and neat, I like the way of cleaning.


About Dr : Mythily and Dr Balaji both are good and kind, they respond at anytime she was so helpful Observing each and every movement on my delivey.
About Houspital: Aashara hospital is neat and clean.
Suggestions /comments: I will refer to my relatives and Friends.


About Dr : First I have to say very thanks to Dr.Balaji and Dr.Mythily both or doing excellent care and duty . Also I and my family pray for their bright future.
About Staff Nurses: Very good. All the staff doing very well specially Miss.Jothy Nurse doing very well duty take special response to me and my baby.
About Houspital: Good Neat and cleaning.
Suggestions /comments: Nothing


About Dr : A.MYTHILY- its my luck to come to this hospital ,we saw the display & gone through the internet and come here- we did not expect this much care &gentle treatment &counseling of Mythily mam.She is the one who treats the problem after knowing about it completely & in a gentle manner . She is very knowledgable. We found this hospital giving their right treatment in the right time &without taking any risk compared to the other hospital. Totally Iam so happy to be here- good hospital &want to continue with this only.
About staff nurses : nurses are very attentive,take good care for the patient .
About hospital : its really a greet hospital having good doctor like Dr Mythily , who is very knowledgable.
Suggestion /comments : there is no suggest from my side i can correct as i will prefer this hospital for every thing &i will recommend it to my friends &family-- thank you very much!.


About Dr : Dr : Mythily the first appointment with gave us the confidence for best treatment, she explained is all the details with supportive manner, pro-active in taking decision, excellent treatment &care.
About staff nurses : all the nurses are attentive &friendly which feels as more comfortable.
About hospital: we felt like home&good ambience.
Comment : all the best & keep going with these kind of service.

Mrs. Revathi
Mrs. Revathi

ABOUT Dr : Dr.Mythily The day one, we have met her, we taught she will be more strict .But once we get in as a Dr. Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, she treated us also her patient. Mam treating a patient like her daughter. She has cared for my wife like her daughter. She has given enough guidelines and especially brave. Initially we planned our delivery at SMF hospital, but we changed our opinion by the way she cared my wife. My wife fully become a fan of Dr.Mythily, she followed all the guidelines like her mother advice.
About Staff Nurses : Nurses are not seen all these days in this hospital!!!!-- Please help me to find. We found only our sisters. They cared us and supportive like our blood related sisters. Never find hard to talk with any one
About Hospital: Good Infrastructure, Neat and clean. THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR GIVING ME A HEALTHY SON!!


Mrs.Sumathi-fully satisfied –both dr.mythily and dr.balaji are people friendly, patient and cordial,your hospital services are exceptional and marvellous.I was astonished and amazed by the services of all staff including maids-exemplary-felt like home


About Dr : Mythily madam is very kind with patient and so confident in making decisions which will help the confused patients to get clear view of patient status. Dr Balaji sir is so caring of my child and my wife happy with care taking of doctor with child (baby).
About nurses : they are so kind and so helpful with both patient and baby .we felt like at home coz of their utmost care.
About hospital : was very clean and comfort and taking care about patient.


About Dr : Both doctors are the best doctors for pregnant mother and children.Any time available to talk to the patient during emergency situations.
About nurses : very acring and nice.
Hospital : Neat and clean with all facilities.

Anandhi sekar

About Dr : Dr. Mythily has taken a very good care of me and was very supportive in answering all my questions and doubts during my treatment. She never let me panic or get anxious before the surgery. It’s because of the confidence given by the doctor and the positive attitude made me to overcome the treatment with ease. Thank you very much madam for the support and care given by you.
About Staff Nurses : They were very approachable and readily available to all our medical needs. Thanks to all the support staff madam.
About Hospital : Ambience was good, rooms were clean and were maintained.


About Dr : excellent care was taken by the doctor to the patient .thank you very much
About staff nurses : very good nurses are appointed in this hospital- very good response.


About Dr : patient friendly (pediatric patients) doctor, no exaggeration in consultation ,whatever is the condition of the baby is clearly explained by the Dr Balaji .I personally recommend him to my friends.
About staff Nurses : immediate response is given adequate care is taken of the patient .
About Hospital : full sophisticated ,highly equipped.


About Dr : Balaji is excellent doctor ,who is capable of caring any kind of disease with oral medicine i have been consulting doctor for 3year he never got irritated to clear our doubts even if we frequently raised questions. He never hesitated to pick up calls at times of emergencies even during late nights and taken care of my child till recovery during admission.
About staff nurses : staff nurses were excellent especially the night duty sister Sasikala .
About hospital : all essential amenities like x-ray ,scan etc, are available well equipped .


About Dr : Dr. Balaji was very helpful and had diagonized my baby’s infection immediately and gave the best treatment possible. Thankful and Grateful to him.
About Staff Nurses : All nurses were good, friendly and experienced.
About Hospital : Nice and Clean.

P.Divya lakshmi

About Dr : Dr.Balaji sir- good responses from your side. Thank you very much.
About Staff Nurses : Very good responses to all nurse and staff thank you all.
About Hospital : Very Nice.
Suggestions/ comments : Maintenance is very nice and good.


About Dr : Dr. was quick to action and provided timely help during the most critical moments of my time her.
About Staff Nurses : Very friendly warm and loving felt like I was at home more than hospital. My heart full thanks to all the staff nurses.
About Hospital : The equipment and infrastructure are clean and contemporary at par with word standards. I would difficultly recommend this hospital to all my friends & family.
Suggestions/Comments : Keep up the good work. Hope you can add a good canteen soon.

Mr.Ganesh Raghav

About Dr : Dr. Balaji A Silent and professionally experienced doctor, administered medicine after thorough examination of the patient and attended the immediate medical emergency. A very commendable medical professional who has conducted frequent visits and cured my son’s medical emergency in a remarkable time frame- keep up the good work doctor.
About Duty Doctors : exemplary & outstanding
About staff Nurses : very good
About Hospital : well maintained silence&portrayed longevity ,health &happiness in well paintings & displays


About Dr : Dr. Balaji I would definitely recommend /refer any one in this vicinity to Dr. Balaji. He was very clear in explaining the sickness, procedures/options and was very patient, he was also very friendly towards my child.
About Staff Nurses : Very friendly, helpful, smiling and ready to serve anytime – when called!
About Hospital : Very very very clean, well maintained, staff were supportive & ready to give information when needed – overall a “Thumbs – up”


About Dr.: Sir is very good person and did Duty also so good. He is kind and Talented person. He gave advises for many more thing, very soft. Totally Great Person.
About Staff Nurses : They are all Good Duty Nurses. They done duty so good and kindness also.
About Hospital : Such a wonderful Hospital. Very neat and clean then also very calm and quiet.Suggestions/Comments : Very Good and Good.


About Dr : Dr. Mythily represents the logo of “AASHARA HOSPITAL” just like mother care and sincere. She is very responsible and caring nature.The very first consultation with her I decided that I will deliver with her and that too in Aashara as I was impressed with her confidence.
About Staff Nurses : Very helping attitude staff
About Hospital : Neat and Clean


About Dr : I was consulting Dr.vijayalakshmi seshadri form the beginning of my pregnancy. But on my due she was not available due to conference. Last moment i was taken care by Dr.Mythily and Dr.Balaji. she handled delivery in such a way that made me relaxed and felt satisfied with the way she carried out delivery and other consecutive procedures really so happy about her rapport she maintains with the patient.
About Staff Nurses : Staff Nurse were fine
About Hospital : Ambience, cleanliness and everything was fine.
Suggestions / Comments : Satisfied with the hospital ambience and Dr.Balaji “s and Dr.Mythily”s care and concern.


About Dr. : Dr.Mythily and Dr.Balaji--Aashara has been very lucky hospital for my first daughter after seeing the quality of service, me and my wife decided to admit here for her second pregnancy. Doctor and staff were friendly and gave a nice service to my son and wife.
About Staff Nurses : Sucess in any field’s is not because of top level people. Primary reason would be because of STAFFS AND SERVICES they contribute-IT REALLY MEANS HERE.

Mrs. P.Renuka Devi

About Dr. : The Doctor was very kind and taken care as a family member, because of her patience and calmness, our tension and fear got released. The most important thing is that they allowed me inside the labour ward which gave me a chance to support and understand the pain of my wife delivering the baby.
About Staff Nurses : The nurses taken care is very much appreciable each and everything they done and also explained to us on how to take care of the baby. We did not have to reach to nurses before that they came to our room and helped us
About Hospital : The hospital is very clean, calm, pleasant like a home


About Dr. : BALAJI He is very nice and good, loving to the child and the staff also some in looking after the baby and very good and clean service.
About Staff Nurses : All the staff nurse also GOOD.
About Hospital : Very clean and good looking & very neat.
Suggestions/Comments : Keep up the good work. Hope you can add a good canteen soon.


About Dr : Dr.balaji give a good treatment for my son. Dr”s approach is very nice for us, treatment is very good ,and supportive for my son . we always thankful to Dr. Balaji. We wish he lives long life to give a good treatment for all human being ,god bless the Dr. Sir
About staff nurses : nurses are supportive,cared very well for my son- baby shabarish, thanks for all nurses.
About hospital : hospital is good and very good treatment .


About Dr : Dr.MYTHILY - very good for handling a patient she is very kind, every stages enquired about patient &providing immediate treatment. I like her politeness of handling a patient .
About duty doctors : very good ,well done.
About staff nurses: good co-operative,good response is all the times.
About hospital : clean 24houres services provided (good services)and good facilities. very HAPPY to select this hospital thanks for all workers & staff.


About Dr. : Very good caring for my daughter we were very confident about the recovery the way in which the doctor gave treatment to my daughter ,positive way of approach. Cleared all our doubts.
About Staff Nurses : Very kind approach and immediate action whenever needed.
About Hospital : Neat and hygienic manner.

Remya Pillai

About Dr. : MYTHILY-Fantastic doctor with a very straight forward approach. There are no second thoughts in any of the conversations. We can say only positive things about the surgery(laparoscopic myomectomy), ambience and total calm. Extremely pleased to come have and would recommend to all our known circle. As husband ,Iam very thankful to you doctor for taking care of my wife.A personal thanks for Dr.Balaji for his visit and he is our favourite as a Pediatrician -taking care of our kid. Thank you to both of you for your love and care.
About Staff Nurses : Senior nurse is fantastic a special mention to sasikala nurse who was very kind and knowledgeable
About Hospital : Very good facilities and good ambience


About Dr. : He is a experienced person. His approach was good. He gave some good suggestion for our kid’s growth & food habit (diet). He is a highly knowledged and nice person.
About Staff Nurses : Good approach and she is very kind and polite.
About Hospital : Good Atmosphere, everything Is very clean and neat.


About Dr : very friendly & professional good care & counselling.
About staff Nurses : very co-operative &utmost care, good service during night staff.
About Hospital : clean& neat, good house keeping.
Suggestions/comments : courteous staff & co-operative paramedics.


About Dr : very good attention to patients
About staff Nurses : Doing their duties sincerely and correctly
About Hospital : cleanliness and very neat


About Dr : the doctor is prompt in responding to call ,very cordial and excellent is behaviour, the quality of genuinity doctor is with the madam, more over words are less to explain her.
About staff nurses : very cordial and helpful as well as technically fit .
About hospital : neat & tidy / excellent ambience.

Shilpa B

About Dr. : Dr.Mythily mam is very friendly with everyone she handles her patient very smoothly. She is a genie. She handles every difficult situation in a minute. She is like a friend for me, she clears every doubt of me, whatever we ask her without being angry. Thank you for everything mam.
About Staff Nurses : all other nurses are very good, kind and helpful.
About Hospital : Hospital is well maintained and hygiene.

Shobana kavidhasan

About Dr.: excellent very good experience ,facility centred service
About duty doctors : highly satisfied
About staff nurses: nurses took care of the patient and baby more than the very good level
About hospital : very nice &clean atmosphere.


About Dr. : Dr.Balaji is very kind and soft personality ,the way he behaves to every patient is very comfortable and attentive and caring.
About staff Nurses : Good and fine.
About Hospital : i felt that i was at home.


About Dr.Mythily : Having more patiency for patients. Took good care of medical and emotional condition of the patients and as well as attenders.
About Staff Nurses : Well trained, well coordinated, timely and accurately responsive.
About Hospital : Family Environment, well facliiated, fulfilling all the requirements for proper accurate and comfortable treatment.

K . Veda vignesh

About Dr : Balaji is a very good doctor and giving suitable treatment to her child when ever we come. He immediately picks up our calls and responds to that.
About staff Nurses : all are very good and very caring, frequently monitoring the health condition of the child.
About Hospital : very neat and clean good atmosphere looking good.
Suggestions/comments : good hospitality.

Akshara Sree

About Dr. : I consulted Dr. Balaji ji for my daughter AKSHARA (3 yrs) which she was treated for the infection and under diagnosis of doctor, Shri. Dr. Balaji is a good pediatrician, my great opinion about doctor is he is very much reachable at any time for emergencies, takes good care of the kids a lot, I can say.
About Duty Doctors: Duty doctors were also very helpful .
About Staff Nurses: TEAM AASHARA with the petal symbol of mom and kid could say that the petal are the nurses as they care of the kids a lot.
About Hospital : Hospital environment is very clean maintained well, I could Say good peaceful atmosphere for the patients to get rid well.
Suggestions/Comments : I wish TEAM AASHARA to grow up well for the People who want babies, and treatment of kids which pediatrician Dr. Balaji ji is giving .

K. Janya

About Dr. : Dr. Balaji. The doctors approach to the child was satisfactory. The treatment process has been transparent, and to the satisfactory level. Good lucks to him. Thanks to him & his team for the care rendered to us throughout the course of hospitalization.
About Staff Nurses: The nurses are doing an excellent job. Their patience level is extraordinary. Very friendly to the child making her comfortable for the hospital stay.
About Hospital : Clean & neat environment. House keeping is doing a good job.
Suggestions/Comments: You people are doing a satisfactory service.


About Dr. : Very nice doctors, they always supportive with the patient with care and affection also.They never say any native feedback and always they trying to create positive energy around the patient.
About Duty Doctors : Dr. Mythily is so friendly and giving full support.
About Staff Nurses: So patient and kind too with all patient.
About Hospital : Very clean and calm always no need to worry about any Medicine.
Suggestions/Comments: Requesting to maintain the same service always.

K. Surithika.

About Dr. : Dr. Balaji When I approached this hospital my maternity is as fingers crossed. When I had a conversation and explaining about the patient’s condition to the doctor the reply given by the doctor made me to sit back and relax. The doctor is very experienced, informative, friendly behavior as such feels like we are chatting with our friend. Explained the nuke and corner of the patient’s stages and what needs to do so . it made me very much comfortable and satisfied.
About Staff Nurses: All the nurses are treating the child in a very kind manner, Friendly to my baby, clearing the doubts of the parents. Very much satisfied with the nursing staff.
About Hospital : I and my family very much satisfied with the approach and behavior of the staffs from nursing to housekeeping staff. We are very much comfortable as such we are at home . Suggestions/Comments

Baby: Moneesha.

About Dr. : Dr. Balaji is caring and easy approachable, provides clarity on problems (illness) . Frequent visits be and available on 24x7. Guides before and after treatment details clearly . Special thanks to doctor.
About Staff Nurses: Patient and regular visits to room on timely need.
About Hospital : cleanliness & good treatment provided .

B.Josiah samuel

About Dr. : I would really like to thank him from the bottom of our heart.God bless you more and more doctor.
About Staff Nurses: Kind,perfect,friendly,smiling face,what else, we neededeverything was perfect 100%.
About Hospital : GOOD.
Suggestions/Comments : Need AC in all the rooms with low rent

K. Rishav.

About Dr. : Very Good Service in hospitality . Good advice given to Maintain ICDC heath
About Duty Doctors: Good carrying, helpers . very good patience.
About Staff Nurses: Verygood works doing job very nicely . Good patience well treated.
About Hospital : Very clean and good Maintenance to their work .
Suggestions/Comments : GOOD.


About Dr. : Dr. Balaji is very humble. His way of communication and Treatment was excellent . Perfect gentleman.
About Staff Nurses: Very caring and loving. Their advices was very useful. Whenever there was an emergency call they were at the right time. Keep it up sisters.
About Hospital : Neat & good. Response was good well maintained.
Suggestions/Comments: Avery good hospital with excellent doctors, responsibe staff nurses and labours. All the best .

D. Divya

About Dr. : Good handling with the patient and baby, taking much care about the family of the patients. Smooth handling with patients.
About Staff Nurses: Useful tips and beneficial care, lovable caring with patient and the baby. Gentle and smooth carrying with patients like homely carrying.
About Hospital : I can’t be explaining briefly about the hospital fully but in full form and full words (excellent, good, lovebly and caring )
Suggestions/Comments: Experts doctors, nurses and heart carring housekeeping .good housekeeping, lift maintenance and room maintenance etc.

Mrs.N. Kokilamani

About Dr. : Dr. Mythily, being know to us, through my brother, the Course in hospital was very comfortable and homely. She took great care of us.
About Staff Nurses: Staff nurses were caring and compassionate. They did Excellent job.
About Hospital : Well maintained and we enjoyed a comfortable stay in our “Lotuss” room.
Suggestions/Comments: House keeping/ keepers were so helpful.


About staff nurses: good no comments
About hospital : cleanliness is good
Suggestions/ comments: Nothing and all the best for the bright future in ongoing.

T. S. Tejanand.

About Dr. : Dr. Balaji He is good to move to patients easily and identified the patients problem. I am happy to come to him. I am expecting same service forever.
About Staff Nurses: All are good and support given to my son to recover soon.
About Hospital : Nice hospital, nice location, easy to identify. My request to Provide canteen. It will be better to serve good food to inpatient and attender .
Suggestions/Comments : to have a cateen .

N. Geneshia libby b/o nicholes.

About Dr. : when we wre entering the hospital, there was a good sign that the doctor is available and there was an immediate response at the time of emergency and the treatment was started in the initial stage without any delay. His caring was good with my child.
About Duty Doctors: Caring the child as their child.
About Staff Nurses: Caring the child good.
About Hospital : Clean & Neat.
Suggestions/Comments : No comments.

Lovelynn Adriel.

About Dr. : Dr. Balaji We have been in touch with Dr. Balaji since 2010. When our first daughter LISA was born. He has been giving us a satisfactory treatment and does his job perfectly . Nothing to say negative about him. His approach and practical speaking is attractive and his sincerity in attending over in the midnight is what attracted us. We wish him good luck for future blessings from lord Jesus Christ.
About Staff Nurses: Sasikala is very very excellent in attending . jayapriya is Also very good in nursing and giving lots of suggestions. Vidya’s quite and soft nature and helping tendency is very good.
About Hospital : Excellent experience.
Suggestions/Comments: thanks to all . God bless all.

G. Shadhana.

About Dr. : Very Good services in hospital.
About Duty Doctors: Very helpful to patients.
About Staff Nurses: Good helpful and caring.
About Hospital : Well hygienic and clean .Maintence very good .
Suggestions/Comments: Good and maintained well.

S.P. Yeshwanth

About Dr. : I really thank to doctor he is giving good treatment to my Son. Thank you doctor.
About Duty Doctors: All doctors are taking care of patients very much .
About Staff Nurses: Staff Nurses is working like family members.
About Hospital : Very neat and clean.

S. Hemalatha.

About Dr. : Dr. Mythily The way she explaining the medical process is awesome. Treatment process will be transparent. Always she will motivate patient and give hope to those who come across. Request her to keep support us and for all.
About Staff Nurses: Ms. Sasikala & Ms. Vidhya Staff nurses. Both nurse giving Pleasant service, handling patience politely and treating like a family.
About Hospital : Hospitality & cleanliness is good.
Suggestions/Comments: Overall experience wasreally satisfied . Thank you Team for your kind care.

Mahalakshmi . R

About Dr. : Dr. Mythily is caring and considerate and has clear ideas About handling patients. The pediatrician has ample experience and very considerate and kind. It never felt like a hospital, was always a home like experience for us. The nursing staff are kind towards the baby and the visitors.
About Duty Doctors: Always on call advice you what right and very caring
About Staff Nurses: Caring and experienced and always on call.
About Hospital : Ambience and the facility at the single door step. A lucky and an auspicious place for us.

Shanaz Parveen .A

About Dr. : Doctors consulting was real;y good and helpful. Was patient in listening to our questions and clarified them. Her expertise helped me to recover fast.
About Staff Nurses: Staff nurses were friendly and they came to our help whenever we needed or called them. They even taught me how to take care of baby which was good .
About Hospital : overall it was a good experience from doctors to other staffs. This hospital had all facilities readily.
Suggestions/Comments: Will definitely recommend this hospital for my friends and relatives.

S. Imrana Parveen.

About Dr. : Madam, thank you, you’re giving the opportunity to the next Stage of my life.
About Duty Doctors : Good treatments as the patient wants .
About Staff Nurses: Very helpful nurses and house keepers.
About Hospital : Neat and clean.
Suggestions/Comments: GOOD.

T . Monisha.

About Dr. : Good treatment and good advice good medicine .Dr. Balaji is very good person. The best treatment by the hospital.
About Duty Doctors: Very good and excellent treatment .
About Staff Nurses: Very very helpful and professional.
About Hospital : Very neat and clean.

S. Shravan catna.

About Dr. : Dr. Balaji, A very friendly doctor. He patiently answers every questions and takes good care of my child. A good treatment to my child.
About Staff Nurses: They took good care of my child day and night. Am very much satisfied.
About Hospital : The maintenance of the hospital is very neat and good enviorment.

S. Ishan.

About Dr. : Dr. Balaji is very friendly and patiently answering our Questions. Very good suggestions and information given by doctor is very useful and comfortable for us to follow. Treatment process is very transparent.
About Staff Nurses : Nurses all treating the child in very much kind and patient Way and always available for our requests. Very much satisfied with night duty service staff.
About Hospital : Very much satisfied with hospital facility and housekeeping person also doing good service.
Suggestions/Comments: overall experience very much satisfied and happy.

A. Padma priya

About Dr. : Very very patience and taking care of patient nicely in Normal delivery.
About Duty Doctors: Doing their job nicely
About Staff Nurses : Good in their work.
About Hospital : Clean and Maintenance is good .

S. Sivapriya Darshini.

About Dr. : We were extremely happy and satisfied about the treatment And suggestion provided to us on all times. Lots to share the kind of treatment they provided on 22-2-2017 was simply remarkable. Couldn’t expect much more than this they were patient and co-operative
About Duty Doctors: They examined frequently and the follow up visits were Prompt from the date of admission to discharge.
About Staff Nurses : We were overwhelmed about the support provided every half an hour on day one especially since it was the labour day.
About Hospital : Clean, cool, peaceful and pleasant ambience overall origination with all support backup for critical needs.
Suggestions/Comments : Can have a small outlet for canteen in future or foods arrangement for patients. We are thankful for AASHARA’S Doctors, Dr. Mythili, Dr. Balaji and all the support staff nurses and team . We are thoroughly satisfied and happy for choosing AASHARA’S . Keep up the service.