What is High Risk Pregnancies, and What Can You Do to Avoid it!

What is High Risk Pregnancies
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High risk pregnancies require utmost care by specialists as the mother or her baby are in a life threating situation. Most women are completely unaware of the complications of high risk pregnancies that they might get into, before pregnancy. It’s more complicated for women who might have blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems or previous miscarriages which can lead to a high risk labor. 

So it’s vital for a woman to understand the risk factors that can lead to a high risk pregnancy.

  • Age (Teens under the age of 17, and women above the age of 35) – Teens during pregnancy tend to have high blood pressure and anemia, and women above the age of 35 should be cautious from the time of pregnancy plan, till the end of their pregnancy cycle – whether first pregnancy or have had previous miscarriages as they are prone to high risk pregnancy.
  • Health Issues – Poorly managed diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problems, thyroid, HIV can all lead to low birth weight, premature delivery, birth defects, preterm birth, still birth, heart failure, or can threaten the health of the mother or the fetus. 
  • Obesity – In Tamil Nadu 24.4% of the women are obese compared to men who are of 19.8% obese (Source: National Family Health Survey). Obesity increases the risk of high blood pressure, which can raise the infants’ risk of heart problems (Source: NICHD)
  • Multiple Births – Twins, triplets, quadruplets, increases the risk of premature labor or preterm birth.
  • Life Style Problems – Smoking, alcohol and drugs can directly affect the fetus. 

What Can You Do During A High-Risk Pregnancy?

  1. Consultant an experienced Gynecologists
  2. Plan your pregnancy journey with utmost care, and be cautious through the entire journey
  3. Take a balanced diet which is also healthy
  4. Gain weight properly during your pregnancy cycle
  5. Meet your doctor regularly to monitor your health and your baby’s health

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