At Aashara Hospital, we understand life takes a colossal flip when you discover that you’re expecting a baby. Our aim is to figure in a partnership with you throughout your maternity journey, providing all comprehensive services with full antenatal care, and after all, postnatal care.

Our consultant obstetricians in this best maternity hospital in Chennai ensure that you receive quality pregnancy care. Moreover, we have equipped luxury rooms and suites that provide the perfect setting for your joyous moment which may not allow you to feel like you’re far from home.

Techniques Used

The techniques used for a safe delivery in the best maternity hospital in Chennai include

Painless Labour

Painless labor with analgesia (Epidural) is a technique in which a very specific concentration of a drug is used. The drug used reduces the pain as well as maintains the ability to push your baby out through the birth canal. A needle and a very thin plastic tube called the epidural catheter are involved in this technique. 

The drug which is used to reduce your pain is continuously administered through this tube with the aid of an infusion pump. The primary aim of using this technique in the best maternity hospital in Chennai for normal delivery is to reduce the pain of contractions to an acceptable level. Usually, Epidural analgesia also reduces the pain completely when the baby is delivered. 

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Advantages of Epidural Analgesia or Painless Labor

There are many benefits to performing Epidural Analgesia in the best maternity hospital in Chennai that include

  • Relaxes the muscles while delivery.
  • Less postpartum complications.
  • Less secretion of stress hormones.
  • Beneficial for mothers with cardiac complications.
  • Lowers blood pressure of the mother.
  • Comfortable delivery option for elderly mothers.

Normal Delivery

Normal delivery is a completely natural delivery without any medical intervention. The stages of normal delivery comprise

First Stage 

The first stage of the normal delivery process usually involves contractions for the cervix to dilate, soften and stretch so that the baby can be easily delivered. This stage is the longest and may last up to 13 hours during a woman’s first delivery and it would take about 7-8 hours for subsequent deliveries respectively. 

The first stage has three sub-stages: 

  • Early Stage – The mother gets aware of the contractions that occur at an interval of every 3 – 5 minutes. The cervix will dilate up to 4 centimeters. The mother can spend early labor at home but should inform the doctor. 
  • Active Labour – The mother transitions to the active phase making the contractions become stronger and more frequent. They can occur at an interval of 3-4 minutes and each one lasts for about a minute. The cervix will dilate up to 7 cm. The mother should be taken to the hospital for delivery. The water breaks as labor progress through this stage making the contractions further speed. 
  • Transition Phase – This is the most painful phase because the cervix dilates to its fullest, at about 10 cm. Painful, strong contractions will continue at every interval of 2-3minutes, each last for about 60-90 seconds. 

Second Stage 

This stage will begin after the complete dilation of the cervix. Intense contractions will continue, and the experts from the best maternity hospital in Chennai will help push the baby head-first through the birth canal. The mother may also experience intense pain in the vaginal opening as the baby makes its way out. 

At this stage, the doctor makes an incision (episiotomy) to widen the vaginal opening to make the baby’s emergence much easier. The mother should continue to push till the baby finally comes out.

Third Stage 

In this final stage, the entire placenta will be pushed out through the vaginal canal. The placenta might be delivered within 30 minutes after the baby is born. The process may be assisted by manually massaging the lower abdomen.

Advantages of Normal Delivery

  • Lower risk of infection for the child and mother.
  • Quicker recovery and shorter hospital stay.
  • There is lower risk for babies to develop respiratory problems.
  • Normal delivery stimulates lactation.

Vacuum Delivery

Vacuum delivery is one of the procedures used by doctors at the best maternity hospital in Chennai for normal delivery. A vacuum or ventouse is an instrument that looks like a suction cup. This soft plastic cup will be attached to the baby’s head with suction especially during a contraction while the mother pushes the baby. 

Advantages of Vacuum Delivery

  • Delivering a baby from a limited oxygen environment.
  • No surgical procedure is involved.
  • Faster than surgery.


Thus, at Aashara Hospital, the best maternity hospital in Chennai we take the promise of offering our patients timely advice and assessment very seriously adhering to a high standard of quality.

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