Endometriosis is a condition that usually affects one in 10 women. Sometimes, it can cause severe pain and might reduce fertility. There are many treatment options available at Aashara Hospital, where the endometriosis specialist in Chennai will aid the patients with diagnosis and provides more information to help them overcome the issue.

What is Endometriosis?

The endometrium or the inner lining of the uterus gets deposited in other regions of the pelvis leading to severe adhesions. These adhesions are responsible for infertility, pain, and, bleeding. It is still unclear how endometriosis progresses or spreads. 

What are the Causes of Endometriosis?

Lifestyle changes like smoking, obesity, late marriages, late pregnancies as well as environmental factors are most likely the cause of endometriosis. Endometriosis treatment in Chennai is mostly provided for women because it is predominantly found in females of reproductive age groups.

What are the Symptoms of Endometriosis?

Everyone gets affected by endometriosis differently. Most women experience pain but they will not have any symptoms. Whereas, some women might have mild pain when they have their periods and others will have severe pain during their whole menstrual cycle.

Different types of pain like painful periods, abdominal, lower back, and pelvic pain, pain during ovulation, pain in the legs and thighs, pain during or after sex, and pain while peeing or weeing require endometriosis treatment in Chennai. Endometriosis might also cause:

You can also approach the best endometriosis specialist in Chennai when you face symptoms that include:

  • Irregular periods
  • Heavy periods
  • Longer than normal periods
  • Bloating
  • Tiredness
  • Mood swings
  • Bowel and bladder problems
  • Reduced fertility
  • Vaginal discomfort 

How to Diagnose Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is considered to be a disease of exclusion which means there are no easy ways to diagnose it. If endometriosis is diagnosed with laparoscopy, the disease will look like dark brown spots studded within the pelvic region, and sometimes it may have small blebs. The endometriosis treatment in Chennai is essential because this disease is associated with severe adhesions and ovarian cysts

How to Treat Endometriosis?

An Endometriosis specialist in Chennai treats patients with endometriosis medically (with medicine or drugs) or with surgery. Some women will also benefit from alternative therapies. Medications usually range from pain relief drugs (paracetamol and anti-inflammatories) to hormonal treatments to suppress ovulation and periods. Surgery is used to remove or destroy endometriosis.

The most common surgical approach is laparoscopy (keyhole surgery). Cysts of endometriosis that are formed on the ovaries are unlikely to disappear on their own and cannot be treated generally with medicine. Surgical endometriosis treatment in Chennai is performed when they cause symptoms or they are large. Small endometriomas can be observed with regular ultrasounds.

Treatment to Improve Fertility

Surgeries have improved fertility for women who are prone to mild endometriosis. Treating more severe endometriosis with surgical procedures especially if there are cysts in the ovaries, can also improve fertility, but this hasn’t been proven. If the fallopian tubes are blocked and (hydrosalpinx) fluid-filled, natural fertility is reduced. 

However, there might also be a reduction in success rates with assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF if a hydrosalpinx is present. In that case, the endometriosis specialist in Chennai will usually recommend removing the affected tube or tubes at the time of surgery.

Treatment for Pain

When pain is the main problem, endometriosis treatment in Chennai is performed with the aim to relieve symptoms and lessen the pain. It can be performed by using

Alternative and Complementary Therapies

There are various treatments offered by the endometriosis specialist in Chennai that can either complement the medical treatment or can be used as an alternative to medical treatment. Some women may experience improvement in their symptoms.

What are the Benefits of Endometriosis Treatment?

1. There are no side effects from drugs.
2. No risks of surgery.
3. It is an affordable treatment.
4. It causes reduction or cessation of period bleeding.
5. It is very effective in reducing pain related to endometriosis.
6. Also, stops endometriosis in most cases.

What are the Risks of Endometriosis Treatment?

The disadvantages of endometriosis treatment can be: symptoms can remain deteroiate or unchanged, it can cause some irritation, it can lead to possible side effects like weight gain, mood swings, cramps, breast tenderness, irregular period bleeding or spotting, some treatments don’t improve fertility and also the endometriosis symptoms may recur when treatments are stopped. 

Thus, if you have to choose the right endometriosis specialist in Chennai, you can approach our experts at Aashara Hospital to help you get the best treatment using specialized adhesion barriers after the completion of endometriotic resection in order to avoid any further adhesions from being formed in the future.

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