Cervical Incompetence

At the time of pregnancy, when your pregnancy comes closer the baby grows and gets heavier. As the baby grows heavier it put more pressure on the cervix. This excess pressure may sometime cause to open the cervix before the baby is ready to be born. This condition is called an incompetent cervix or weakened cervix.

Those who have Cervical insufficiency then they need Cervical Incompetence treatment in Chennai. Anyone who has weak cervical tissue that leads to giving birth to a premature baby or loss of pregnancy. And can have some complications like:

  • Previous surgery on the cervix
  • Damage during a difficult birth
  • Abnormal cervix or uterus from a birth defect
  • Termination or a Miscarriage
  • DES (Diethylstilbestrol) exposure

These are the above cause why anyone has this cervical incompetence surgery. Therefore, one should need to visit a doctor for Cervical Incompetence treatment in Chennai at Aashara Hospital, who can guide you better.


When you have Cervical Incompetence, you may not see any evident signs or symptoms at an early stage of pregnancy. In some cases, the woman may feel light discomfort or spotting during pregnancy. Mostly during 14 to 20 weeks. Some common symptoms are shown during incompetent cervix:

  • An awkward feeling of pelvic pressure
  • A new backache
  • Mild abdominal cramps
  • A transformation in vaginal discharge
  • Light vaginal bleeding

When you observe all these signs, kindly meet our well-trained doctors to offer you the best Cervical Incompetence treatment in Chennai.

Risk Factors and Complications:

Mostly seen in most cases women don’t know to show any risk factors. Women who have congenital conditions discussed below down here may have the risk of complications:

Women having Cervical Incompetence issues can have premature birth and pregnancy loss, during the second trimester.


Diagnosis is performed here by our experienced doctors during the pregnancy. Most of the hospital here in Chennai does not check an incompetent cervix during the first pregnancy but here our doctors check-up routinely during your first pregnancy whether you might have this incapable cervix issue or not.

What Does our Doctor Check Up on?

Our doctors may ask you about any untoward symptoms or past medical history. If you had a pregnancy loss during the second trimester or you had any procedure on your cervix. You may clear all those information to our doctors thoroughly, so, that our doctors could follow further treatment. Our doctors provide the best Cervical Incompetence treatment in Chennai.

Normally our doctors do this incompetent cervix diagnosis when a patient has a history of the second trimester with a painless cervical dilation. We also look into other conditions like Vaginal bleeding and ruptured membranes. When our doctors find incompetent cervix issues, the expert suggests procedures such as transvaginal ultrasound, pelvic exam, and lab tests to confirm the diagnosis.


Treatment for cervical incompetence surgery includes

Progesterone Supplementation: It is a shot of hormone progesterone weekly injected by our doctors for Cervical Incompetence treatment in Chennai, during the second and third trimesters to avoid premature birth.

Repeated Ultrasounds: When you have a past medical history of premature delivery then an ultrasound done by our doctors accordingly like:

Every two weeks, Starting from 16 weeks through 24 weeks.

Cervical Cerclage:  if you have signs of cervix opening or getting shorter than a certain length then our doctors suggest cervical cerclage also known as cervical incompetence surgery. It is a surgical procedure for those less than 24 weeks pregnant or who have a history of early premature birth. women carrying twins or more can’t do this procedure.

What Do Our Doctors say to Prevent this Cervical Incompetence?

You can avoid such issues as Cervical Incompetence when you do the followings steps: –

Avoid risky substances These are 4 golden rules one must do to get rid of this Cervical Incompetence. For all these reasons Aashara Hospital is best in providing Cervical Incompetence treatment in Chennai.

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